Xcoders talk: UICollectionView

I recently had the opportunity to give a talk at Seattle Xcoders about UICollectionViews in iOS 6. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a recording or screencast, but the slides are available here; you can also find the source code used in the talk (spruced up a bit) over at GitHub.

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AppleScripting Keynote PDF export

This past weekend I found myself in a situation where I would need to export 20 or so Keynote files to PDF. These generated PDFs all needed to have the same export options (no added dates, no presenter notes, etc.), and I really wanted to avoid having to go through all of them manually, clicking all the relevant boxes – which Keynote helpfully resets every time you hit Export.

Thankfully, there’s a (slightly) better way: AppleScript. With a couple hours’ work, I was able to tweak this script to work with the latest version of Keynote (5.3 at time of writing). The results aren’t great – the exported file always ends up in your Documents folder, and I don’t quite trust some of the delay statements – but it gets the job done with little more than a drag & drop. Continue reading

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Audible fun with Alfred

I’ve been looking more and more at using AppleScripts in Alfred, my launcher/productivity app for Mac OS X. Today’s snippet is about switching the active audio output device; I wanted this for work, where I switch between external speakers and some headphones plugged into the front 3.5mm jack.

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Bukkit can hold Scala!

Scala has been a fairly interesting language to me ever since dealing with it a few years ago for a paper on functional programming; when I saw it referenced again recently (in an article about D, of all things), I decided to give it a try. Scala is notable for being runnable on the JVM, with the right libraries – and what better way could there be to learn a JVM-compatible language than to write a Bukkit plugin with it?

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Where Aero Vacation went wrong

Tonight, I uninstalled Chillingo‘s Aero Vacation, an iOS game that guides you through the process of building your very own airship. I wasn’t the first to do so, either; a couple friends independently made this decision earlier in the evening, and I had intended to be the holdout, continuing to build my masterful work-of-art airship. But no longer. Continue reading

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